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Consumer expectations on how businesses should operate are changing. No longer is itsufficient for businesses to simply offer reliable goods and services, increasingly people are voting with their feet, and opting to back businesses that can evidence their positive social and environmental impact.  Investors are also wanting to understand the environmental and social risks businesses…

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An opportunity for a future we want: Sustainability aspirations for organizations

Most people ask how one becomes drawn into sustainability consulting.  In essence sustainability combines innovation, nature, technology, human development and socio-economic elements in a holistic approach to resolve global challenges. Working in the sustainability space is basically on how organisations can embed sustainability to drive growth. Personally, that is an exciting space.  For many African…

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Do Tanzania companies care about the SDGs?

  Although there are long-running corporations in Tanzania that have developed strategies for the SDGs, the country still faces some barriers to its broader agenda. Despite the fact that some Tanzanian companies are racing ahead on the sustainability agenda, experts at the Responsible Business on Sustainable Development Goals hosted by UN Global Compact on 6…

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History of Sustainability

As the IMF/World is hosting their annual meetings and some topics focusing on how to harness private sector support to global goals, we wanted to look back in time – back into the history all the way back to the concept of sustainability being born. We will highlight a brief history of the evolution of…

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Sustainability is Good Business

For many businesses, sustainability is a nice idea that looks better on paper than in practice. Yet, research shows that sustainability doesn’t just sound good — it’s smart, and it works. Sustainable Brands has compiled a list of 22 research studies that show sustainable practices lead to long-term benefits. The studies cover multiple benefits, from…

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