Apply Our Sustainability Training

Consumer expectations on how businesses should operate are changing. No longer is it
sufficient for businesses to simply offer reliable goods and services, increasingly people are voting with their feet, and opting to back businesses that can evidence their positive social and environmental impact.

 Investors are also wanting to understand the environmental and social risks businesses are exposed to, and how they are protecting the social and environmental foundations that their financial value creation relies upon.

Delivered through a three-part series of one-hour interactive webinars, experts various
industries and SME business leaders will share insights on impact reporting for SMEs. This
programme will explore how SMEs can:

▪ Understand their social and environmental impacts
▪ Create long-term success and open up new markets
▪ Utilise tools and frameworks to report on non-financial impacts

This programme is part funded and is available for free to SMEs based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Join this programme, designed for ambitious small business leaders, and you will:

▪ Develop your understanding of the rapidly changing world of non-financial reporting
▪ Understand the tools and approaches available to implement non-financial reporting in your business
▪ Gain insights into the advantages and limitations of different approaches
▪ Learn practical lessons from SMEs that have used different tools and approaches
▪ Build your network with like minded SMEs

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